Tom Isaia

Tom Isaia – President and green coffee buyer, Tom opened Coffee Express for business in 1975 selling espresso machines, and began roasting & selling coffee by 1982. A passionate coffee pioneer, Tom Isaia started one of the first American-style cafes in the U.S. and continues his commitment to making a wide variety of good, fresh roasted, coffee available to our community. His knowledge of the industry and wealth of expertise on everything coffee, from cherry to pour along with his crack team of coffee aficionados, put you in good hands.


Joyce sometimes talks to her computer.Joyce Novak – 1987 – Started working at Coffee Express for just a summer, and has been here ever since. Joyce is the office manager, does inside sales, and customer service as well.




HowardHoward Davis – For the better part of twenty years, Howard has served as our chief outside sales representative.



Gen likes gardening and knitting, but insists she is not a hipster.Genevieve Boss – 2001 – Gen came to Coffee Express with considerable retail coffee experience. She’s currently the accounts receivable manager, as well as being a part of the inside sales and customer service team.



Sue is no longer in a bowling league.

Sue Jelso – 2010 – The newest addition to our office, Sue specializes in inside sales, and providing excellent customer service and support.




Nancy McKeon – 2010 – Nancy is an integral part of our outside sales team.



Scott is in a local curling leagueScott Novak – 1984 – Head roaster & employee #1, he’s been honing his coffee and roasting expertise for nearly 30 years.



WaltWalter McCurdy – 1990 – Although primarily employed as a roaster, Walt is also our resident historian & beekeeper.



Doug hunts deer. Once, he brought one here. Doug Disch – 1996 – Doug is the McGyver of Rancilio espresso machines. He installs, maintains and repairs our customers’ Rancilios, as well as being formidable at standard coffee brewer maintenance.



CharlieCharlie Sarin – 1998 – We first met Charlie when he was working for one of our customers. Fortunately, we were able to lure him away, and today he is our Packaging and Beverage Manager.



BillBill Wanniger – 2007 – The newest member of our production staff, Bill’s our packaging assistant, and helps with delivery when needed.




Gary was sick, but he is feeling better now.Gary Runyon – 2014¬†- Our brand new driver – if you’re getting delivery from us, you’ll probably meet Gary. He delivers for us four days a week- from Kalamazoo, to Detroit, and everywhere in between.