Coffee Express is proud to offer you these African coffee selections.
Flags of Africa

Kenya AA – The “AA” tells that this is a top Kenyan pick. The coffee has the typical East African snap, spiciness and “winey” brightness.

Ethiopian Ghimbi - From the western side of Ethiopia. Exhibits a spicy wildness, fine flavor, and relatively good body.

Ethiopian Harrar * - The Harrars will surprise you with the amount of flavor they exhibit. Sometimes called “mocca”, the cup has a strong “syrupy” flavor.

Ethiopian Sidamo – This coffee has a gentle taste with a fruit-like flowery flavor.

Ethiopian Yrgacheffe * - From the Kaffa region, this coffee is grown at over 8,000 ft. and has a mellow body with an almost floral sweetness.

Zimbabwean AA – The “AA” says that it is among the highest grades available. The taste falls somewhere between the intensity of the Kenyan and the mildness of a Tanzanian.

Tanzanian Peaberry – While many think that the smaller peaberry bean produces a more intense flavor, all Tanzanian coffees exhibit a very flavorful and balanced cup.