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Let’s Talk About Micro-Lot Coffee in Michigan

There’s always a lot of buzz around specialty roasts and secret blends in the coffee world – not just from the caffeine! – and because of that, it’s easy to be confused about what’s what. That is why we decided at Coffee Express Roasting Company to take a look at one topic to provide some valuable information for coffee drinkers. In this blog post, we’ll address micro-lot coffee in Michigan.

Micro-Lot Coffee | Michigan - Coffee Express Roasting Company

Let’s take a look at the definition of micro-lot coffee, first of all, so we’re all talking about the same thing. A micro-lot is an exceptional lot chosen for its high quality and unique and memorable flavor. These select coffees are often grown in limited quantities on small to medium-size farms. Once a particular lot is selected, it’s identified as a micro-lot and harvested and processed apart from the rest of the farm’s beans to ensure consistency.

When choosing a micro-lot, a producer considers several factors such as varietal and the amount of shade or sunlight a plot receives during the growing season. The farm’s altitude, soil, and rainfall also create a robust or sublime coffee flavor profile.

If you wish to learn more about unique lots and locally roasted coffee, you can always contact us at Coffee Express Roasting Company, as we’re happy to talk beans and brews.