About the Team at Coffee Express Roasting Co.

There is much to learn about the team at Coffee Express Roasting Co. in Plymouth, Michigan. All of our staff members are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality coffee beans. Everyone on the team works together, creating the experience you expect from Coffee Express Roasting Co. We always strive to go above and beyond to meet your specialty coffee needs.

Meet the Team

Tom Isaia, Profile

Tom Isaia

Owner and Green Coffee Buyertom@coffeeexpressco.com

A passionate coffee pioneer since 1975, Tom started one of the first American-style cafes in the U.S. and continues his commitment to making a wide variety of good, fresh roasted coffee available to our community.

Jeff Dout, Profile

Jeff Dout

Head Coffee Roaster

Hired in May of 2018, Jeff brings with him an extensive knowledge of coffee.

Sue Jelso, Profile

Sue Jelso

Customer Service Manager

Sue heads up our office. This means she has to wear many hats: sales, customer service, and accounts receivable.

Howard Davis, Profile

Howard Davis

Outside Sales Rep

Over the decades, Howard has served as an outside sales representative, focusing on cafés and restaurants. Howard doubles as our resident tea expert!

Joel Osborn, Profile

Joel Osborn

Delivery Driver

Our delivery driver, Joel, is a former school teacher who joined us in April of 2018.

Devin Shayna, Profile

Devin Shayna

Head Gelataio

Working for Coffee Express subsidiary Momento Gelato, Devin has an advanced degree from Schoolcraft College Culinary School, and creates all of our gelatos and sorbets.

Aidan Hartmann, Profile

Aidan Hartmann

Assistant Roaster

Aidan joined Jeff on our team of two expert roasters.

Sharlene Dostal, Profile

Sharlene Dostal

Customer Service

It's Sharlene and Sue as the point of contact at Coffee Express. Sharlene grabs phone calls, inputs your orders, and wears all the hats Customer Service requires.

Donna Galdi, Profile

Donna Galdi

Outside Sales

Donna is often the face of Coffee Express. She develops new business along with personalized customer service for many of our existing accounts.

Mark Bebko, Profile

Mark Bebko

Assistant Gelataio

Mark works with Devin in our sister company Momento Gelato.

Evan Hill, Profile

Evan Hill

Packaging Technician

When Evan isn't packaging coffee, he is skiing the French Alps.

Glen Enzenauer, Profile

Glen Enzenauer

Service Technician

When Glen isn't servicing Espresso machines, he is cooking up various dishes.