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Blended Coffees

Your customers will love these Coffee Express blended coffees.

Most of our blended coffees are available in Organic Fair Trade.


Mocha Java

A blend of Heavy-bodied Java and Sumatra beans from Indonesia, mixed with bright and spicy Ethiopians. The end result is a consistently good cup, that continues the unique, rich, and full-bodied taste traditions found in its components.

House Blend

Our master roasters mix complementary varieties of Latin American and African beans into a blend that showcases the best of all the types used. This blend has all the body, aroma, and rich taste necessary for a great cup every time.

House Blend w/ Dark Roast

The  rich mellowness of our regular House Blend is combined with the stronger, dark flavor of French Roast to produce a mild, full-bodied coffee with a hint of smoky, deep flavor.

House Blend Full City Roast

This complex blend of Latin American and African coffees is mixed especially for roasting at the Full City roast temperature. Lighter than an espresso roast, but darker than our regular House, the result is a rich taste that joins the flavor of the blend with a hint of dark roast tones.

Turkish Style Blend

A balance of medium and dark roasts created by combining Colombian and Brazilian coffees with the darker French Roast this blend delivers the smooth and forceful flavor of  an authentic Turkish brew. The term “Turkish” refers to a Middle Eastern brewing method.


This Milanese style (lighter) espresso roast provides a truly rich flavor yet has a mildness not found in darker roasts.


This is the most popular of our dark roasts, and the one we recommend for espresso brewing. Though delicious as a regular cup of brewed coffee, the longer roast time makes choice strong, with an intense flavor statement. An exotically enjoyable, smooth, and aromatic cup.


This is a special blend of light-bodied Latin American coffees. The blend is then dark roasted to a degree a bit darker than the French Roast. It is light enough to produce a good regular brew, but is strong enough to use quite successfully as an espresso.


Our darkest roast, blended for focused intensity and deep flavor. Almost black, and very oily, these beans are full-bodied with the tangy, bittersweet flavor dark roasted coffees are known for. This coffee is often used for espresso.


Just as the groundhog – the official mascot of Coffee Express – is an important part of the natural food chain (and a symbol of the end of winter), this special blend could become an important link in your coffee experience. With a smooth and mellow taste, and the extra bite of a dark roast, it’s the perfect coffee for welcoming spring, or anytime.


Not a coffee at all but a ground root that is often added to coffee. Famous for it’s use in New Orleans style coffee, the chicory root is baked then ground for use as a coffee enhancement or substitute.