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Central American Coffee

Coffee Express proudly presents these Central American coffee selections.

Coffee Express offers these exceptional Central American coffee selections.

whole bean roasted coffee

Mexican Altura (organic also available)

Veracruz/Chaipas/Oaxaca Pluma Altura – A light cup, with a delicate tang and pleasing bouquet. This high altitude coffee, grown in southwestern Mexico’s coastal mountains, produces a extremely flavorful, well-balanced cup.

Guatemalan SHB

This Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) is a grade of Guatemalan coffee grown above 5000 ft. This coffee possesses a full body and a distinct, bright flavor. Good on its own or blended with another favorite.

Guatemalan Antigua

The most popular of the Central Americans. Named for the central highland town near the ancient capital, this coffee is highly prized for its spicy flavor with medium body and balanced acidity.

Costa Rican Tarrazu

Another popular Central American. Considered one of the world’s great coffees, Costa Rican is always flavorful, nutty, aromatic and robust.

Panama Boquete

When these coffees are at their best, they have a delightful nut-like flavor, pleasing bouquet, with well balanced body and acidity. A fine, medium roasted Latin American coffee, noted for its nutty flavor, well-balanced body and acidity, coupled with a pleasing bouquet.

Nicaragua Matagalpa

This mild, strictly high grown (SHG) Central American has a clean taste, medium body and possesses a nutty, roasted pecan finish.

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Coffee drinkers often ask, “What is the best coffee in the world?” While there isn’t one coffee growing region which suits everyone’s taste,  Blue Mountain from Jamaica is certainly sought after. Such a pleasing balance of body, acidity, and flavor.