Commercial Espresso Machines in michigan

Since our founding we've been selling servicing commercial espresso machines in Michigan. Rancilio espresso machines have been our primary product. We've remained committed to quality product because of their passionate dedication to safeguarding and promoting the culture of Italian espresso coffee worldwide. Rancilio has always provided the most reliable espresso equipment with their traditional and automatic coffee machines. Together, with Quamar electronic dosing grinders, we're able to offer an incomparable technological product range.

Cup of coffee and different bakery products.

Available Machines

Traditional Espresso Machines

Machines with 1-4 groups where coffee beans are ground in a separate grinder then dosed and tamped manually. They are as their name indicates the most traditional style of preparing espresso.

Traditional Automatic

This type features electronic controls that dose a programmed amount of espresso into the cup. The automatic functionality allows for consistency, ease of use, and maximum technological advancements in brewing (such as Xcelsius).

Traditional Semi-Automatic

This type features less electronic controls, entry-level pricing, and requires the barista to shut off the brewing manually. This machine's automatic capability allows for ultimate control by a skilled barista.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

Machines that grind, tamp, dose, brew, and extract grinds on-demand with the push of a button. It is sometimes referred to as super-automatic espresso machines.

Fully Automatic – One Step

This type only produces espresso on-demand and includes a milk delivery system that steams and foams milk on-demand with the push of one button. The One Step allows for consistency, ease of use, minimal training, and self-service.

Fully Automatic – Two Step

This type produces espresso on-demand and includes a steam wand to steam fresh milk manually or with the use of an intelligent steam wand. The Two Step is a great option for entry-level pricing or because the theater of making a drink is important.