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The coffee tree of the Arabica species was first discovered growing wild in present day Ethiopia. Cultivation of this species spread to more than 75 countries around the world including India, Indonesia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Sun, rain, soil, cultivation techniques, harvesting and processing methods influence the character and quality of each country’s “coffee of origin.”

Knowing the origin of the coffee is only the first step. Coffee beans are further described by terms like, “strictly hard bean,” “AA,” or a regional name like Tarrazu or Antigua. Sound complicated? No problem.

Since 1982, Coffee Express Company has done the hard work and selected the most distinctive Arabica coffees from around the world to deliver to our customers. The unmistakable character of our coffees is the result of the care and craftsmanship used in selecting and roasting the extensive array of origins we offer. Our roast-to-order policy insures that every coffee on the list is delivered fresh from the roaster, not off a shelf. Let Coffee Express Company be your guide to the world of coffee.

Ordering Guidlines:

Because all of our product is roasted to order, we ask that our customers give us a full 24 hours notice for all bulk coffee orders. For Packaged coffee orders, especially ones including food-service style packaging, we need an additional 24-48 hours (depending on the size of the order).

Our minimums are small; we are more concerned that you receive what you want, than meeting any kind of internal quota.

We are wholesale only, so we can’t sell directly to the public. However, our office staff is quite knowledgeable about our retail customers, and will be more than happy to provide you with a list of places to purchase our wonderful coffees.