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Flags of Central America

Coffee Express is proud to offer you these Central American coffee selections.

Mexican Altura (organic also available) – Veracruz/Chaipas/Oaxaca Pluma – A light cup, with a delicate tang and pleasing bouquet.

Guatemalan SHB – Though not quite as highly regarded as the Antigua, the SHB indicates a high-grown coffee with great flavor. Good on its own or blended with another favorite.

Guatemalan Antigua* – The most popular of the Central Americans. Wonderful flavor, good body, and balanced acidity.

Costa Rican Tarrazu* – Another popular Central American. A bold flavor though still in keeping with its mild Latin heritage. Considered one of the world’s great coffees.

Panama Boquete* – When these coffees are at their best, they have a delightful nut-like flavor, pleasing bouquet, with well balanced body and acidity.

Nicaragua Matagalpa* – Top grade “Strictly High Grown” (SHG) beans that have a subdued flavor, with fairly good body.

Jamaican Blue Mountain – This is the authentic coffee only grown in the Blue Mountains. One of the world’s most highly regarded and expensive coffees. A noble flavor you can only find in this cup.