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Coffee Express is proud to offer you these decaffeinated coffee selections.
– All of our European Process (EP) coffees use the Methyl Chloride method of decaffeination. Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a method of decaffeinating coffee beans developed by the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company.

Decaf. Colombian EP/Decaf. Colombian SWP – One of the finest decaf coffees in the world. The careful processing produces a cup that retains the smooth, full-bodied flavor the Colombians are known for while keeping it very low in caffeine content.

Decaf. Sumatran EP/Decaf. Sumatran SWP  * – Deeply rich in earthy flavor, this decaf is also quite low in acid. Only a Sumatran could deliver flavor and body like this in a decaffeinated coffee. The full body, earthy aroma, and mellow acidity make this a standout.

Decaf. Mocha Java EP/Decaf. Mocha Java SWP – Even though it’s decaffeinated, this blend of pleasantly heavy-bodied coffees has a strong and complex flavor.

Decaf. House Blend EP/Decaf. House Blend SWP * – Though hard to believe, this mix of Latin American and African beans is a decaf. You’ll find it has all the flavor that has made our regular House Blend one of our most popular coffees.

Decaf. French Roast EP/Decaf. French Roast SWP * – A rich and robust dark roast decaf with all the hearty taste of its caffeinated counterpart. This coffee is also excellent when used for decaf espresso drinks.