Aromatic African Coffee

Kenya leads the African taste profile with its bright sparkly appeal, while Ethiopia tends toward fragrant sweetness. These coffees are known for the fruity notes and vibrancy they bring to the cup.

A big metal scoop in raw coffee seed sack.

Our Collection of African coffee

Kenya AA

This prized AA grade African bean delivers an exceptional cup with snap, spiciness, and lemony brightness.

Ethiopia Sidamo

Sidamo is valued for its deep, spice, wine, and chocolate-like taste and floral aroma. The most distinctive flavor notes are lemon and citrus with bright crisp acidity.

Ethiopia Ghimbi

From the western highlands of Ethiopia, this natural-processed coffee exhibits a spicy, wild flavor, distinctive aroma, and good body.

Ethiopia Yrgacheffe

From the Kaffa region, this Ethiopian coffee is grown at 1,700 – 2,200 meters above sea level. It has a mellow body with a complex flavor, which includes fruit, floral, citrus notes, and a bright, floral, sweet aroma.

Organic Also Available

Ethiopia Harrar

One of the oldest coffees still produced. Sometimes called "Mocca," the cup has a distinctive fruity aroma and taste, along with a full body. Natural processed.

Tanzania Peaberry

Selected from coffee cherries that yield a single pea-shaped bean, many think that the smaller peaberry produces a more intense flavor. A distinctive, crisp, and full-bodied cup.