Delicious Decaffeinated Coffee

 The European process (EP) uses a chemical solution to remove caffeine from hot water in which the beans have been soaked. That solution - caffeine and chemical having been removed- - is then reabsorbed by the beans. The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is similar but uses an activated charcoal filtration system to remove the caffeine from the water. Both methods result in tasty coffee that has lost little of its innate quality.

Coffee latte art.

Decaffeinated Coffee Selections

All of our European Process (EP) coffees use the Methyl Chloride method of decaffeination. Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a method of decaffeinating coffee beans developed by the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company.

Decaf. Colombia EP/SWP

One of the finest decaffeinated coffees in the world. The careful processing produces a cup that retains the smooth, full-bodied flavor the Colombians are known for, while keeping it very low in caffeine content.

Decaf. Sumatra EP/SWP

Also available in Organic Fair Trade. Deeply rich in earthy flavor, this decaf is also quite low in acid. Only a Sumatran could deliver flavor and body like this in a decaffeinated coffee. The full-body, earthy aroma and mellow acidity make this a standout.

Organic Also Available

Decaf. Organic Mexico — Fair Trade SWP

This Fair Trade organic decaf coffee produces an extremely flavorful, well-balanced cup.

Decaf. Organic Peru — Fair Trade SWP

This organic Fair Trade decaf is a mild, clean cup with a medium body.

Decaf. Mocha Java EP/SWP

Even though it’s decaffeinated, this blend of pleasantly heavy-bodied coffees has a strong and complex flavor.

Decaf. French Roast EP/SWP

Also available in Organic Fair Trade. A rich and robust dark roast decaffeinated coffee with all the hearty taste of its caffeinated counterpart. This coffee is also excellent when used for decaf espresso drinks.

Organic Also Available

Decaf. House Blend EP/SWP

Also available in Organic Fair Trade. Though hard to believe, this mix of Latin American and African beans is a decaf. You’ll find it has all the flavor that has made our regular House Blend one of our most popular coffees.

Organic Also Available