Experience Microlot Coffee

Hand-selected in small batches of the highest quality, these very special offerings are cultivated on individual farms. Available in bulk bean or 12 oz sealed packages to preserve the distinct flavor qualities of the soil and climate in which they were grown. Selections change frequently so please contact us.

Cup of coffee and sack with coffee beans.

Limited Edition Coffees

Bolivian Carnavi Lucio Mamani

Region: Uchumachi
Farm: Lucio Manani, Finca El Mirador
Varietal:  Caturra
Altitude: 5,300ft
Process Method: Fully washed, mechanically dried

Honduras Zaquire 

Region: Lempira
Farm: Olvin Jose Hernandez Pascual
Varietal: Lempira, Red Paras
Altitude: 5300 ft.
Process Method: Fully washed, patio sun-dried

Costa Rica El Vapor Dota

Region: Dota, Terrazu
Farm: Co-Operative de Caficultores de Dota
Varietal: Catui, Caturra
Altitude: 5000 ft.
Process Method: Full natural, dried in the sun, and mechanical driers