Flavorful South American Coffee

Even though Colombia and Brazil share -and dominate economically- the continent, the two coffees couldn't exhibit more of a taste difference. Peru is the third variety from our Southern Hemisphere neighbors.


Fresh bagel and hot cup of coffee on a rustic wood table.

Available South American

Colombia Supremo

A more select grade than Excelso, this blend has a bold flavor and aroma.

Organic Also Available

El Salavador

Grown at over 3000ft. These beans possess a balance of light flowery acidics, exceptional aromatics and a medium body.

Colombia Excelso

Deserving of its popularity, this blend is known for its smooth, aromatic, and rich in flavor.

Sumatra Mandheling

Heavy bodied with a full robust and earthy taste. Like most Indonesian beans, it's low in acid.

Brazil Cerrado

From the world's largest coffee-producing nation, the Cerrado region produces beans that are soft and pleasant in the cup.

Organic Also Available

Peru SHB

Smooth and mellow with a mild acidity and light body.