Experience these fine coffees from Indonesia and the Pacific Islands. All arabica coffee in Indonesia is picked by hand. After harvest, the coffees are processed in a variety of ways, each imparting its own flavors and aromas to the final product. Check out the available selections below!

Coffee cup and beans on old kitchen table.

Indonesian & Pacific

Java Estate

With slightly larger bean size and a deep, clean taste, this is a select pick of the best Javas. Sweeter than other Indonesians, it still has the growing region's characteristic full body and low acidity.

Hawaii Kona

From the United States only growing region, these "Fancy" graded beans are rare and highly prized for their full, balanced body and a mild taste.


Though this coffee shares some of the heavy body of other Indonesian coffees, it has a bit more zest, with a smoother flavor. It is a prized and rare coffee.

Hawaii Maui Peaberry

Selected from coffee cherries that yield a single, pea-shaped bean, it's a well-balanced, nutty coffee with a medium body, moderate acidity, and earthy tones.

Papua New Guinea A

It may be a "sleeper" in terms of name recognition, but the lack of identity is more than made up for with its fine characteristics: slightly sweet acidity, heavy body.

Organic Also Available