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Things You Should Know About Fresh Roasted Coffee in Michigan

roasted coffee michigan

Coffee culture has permanently secured a foothold in our daily lives. But how fresh should your coffee be to take advantage of its peak potential? Although sealed packaging preserves freshness, the general rule is the fresher, the better. Take the time to discover the wonders of fresh roasted coffee in Michigan.

Hitting the High Notes

Just like any organic product, coffee breaks down over time and retains its most vibrant taste two to three weeks after the roast. This window of opportunity allows plenty of time to enjoy the aroma and flavor of a delicious brew.

Timing is Everything

Coffee experiences oxidization. Wholesale coffee distributors go to great lengths to keep their roasted beans fresh. Preventing oxygen exposure increases the bean’s stability, and sealed packaging can help keep the vibrant high notes intact for a longer period.

The Fresher the Better

A cup brewed from freshly roasted whole beans immediately ground before brewing is considered a premier coffee experience. If you’re a coffee lover and have never tasted a freshly roasted cup, now is the time.