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An Extensive Variety of Private Label Coffee in Michigan

A good cup of coffee begins with the product you use. If you own a coffee shop, no doubt you want to serve your customers the most flavorful beverages available. Delicious coffee is what keeps them coming back. Improve your shop’s offerings with our private label coffee in Michigan.

Private Label Coffee | Michigan - Coffee Express Roasting Company

Private Label Coffee | Michigan – Coffee Express Roasting Company

Why private label?  You’ve worked hard on creating a look and feel for your coffeehouse or retail store.  The logo helps steer customers to your place, both in-person and online.  Let Coffee Express Roasting Co. make a retail coffee bag which reflects that image.

One of the best things about choosing us as your coffee roaster is you always receive a quality Michigan locally roasted coffee.

Contact our company to learn more about our selection of private label coffee.

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Medium Versus Dark Roasts Coffee Express Coffee Roasting Company Plymouth Michigan

Some people are deep into coffee understanding, while others will drink any old thing from the pot. Regardless of whether you prefer a mug of finely brewed morning java or you just want to grab a cup from the local gas station, it’s always good to at least have an idea of the different types of roasted coffee.

At Coffee Express Roasting Company, we accommodate a wide variety of preferences.  From super light (stopped at the first hint of tan color) for local Michigan Saudi-Arabia and Yemen heritages, to popular mediums, all the way to very dark roasts.  In this post, we’ll look at the differences so you can tell what you’re savoring with the next sip.  Some people may find it easier to envision the four roasts, light, medium, medium-dark, and dark, similar to steaks with rare, medium, medium well, and well-done.

Roasting the green beans brings out flavor and aroma within.  Since taste is relative to the individual, there is no ‘perfect roast’, or ‘under-roasted’, or ‘over-roasted’.  Personal preference rules the day.

Light RoastFairly new to the world of specialty coffee, beans are taken to what is called the ‘first crack’, or just beyond.  This can bring out sweetness and acids inherent in fine coffee.

Medium Roast – Preferred in the US.  Has a medium brown color partially due to caramelizing the sugars.  Often can not only tame the brightness of a light roast, but enhance some of the intrinsic character of the bean.

Medium-Dark Roast – It has a dark, rich color with some oil on the surface.  Produces a dark flavor.

Dark Roast – This roasting method creates shiny, oily black beans that deliver robust very dark, distinctive flavor.  Preferred by many coffee drinkers.

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